Fort Knox Mailboxes,The ultimate solution to mail theft and vandalism It is an investment, not a purchase !

Fort Knox Mailboxes

 Just as Fort Knox, KY is famous for its security of gold, this new steel mailbox is famous for its security of mail. 

The name “Fort Knox” was so appropriate, that the creators adopted it and became known for their high security mailboxes.  

 Fort Knox Mailbox  has continued growing since 1994, mostly through  word of mouth as neighbors shared with one another their satisfaction  with their new mailboxes.  

Unable to keep up with the necessary high production from a garage, the move to a shop was necessary.  As  it became clear that these mailboxes could sell nationwide, production  expanded again in 1997, and an entire line of Fort Knox Mailboxes was  created.  

New products and many customers to the business brought new  ideas for the safety and security of mail delivery.  

As of 2006, more  than 6,000 Fort Knox Mailboxes  have been sent throughout the United  States and world-wide. 

Fort Knox Mailboxes Security