Drop Boxes & Delivery Vaults

Large Capacity

Drop Boxes from Steel Mailbox Company

Drop Boxes, Locking and Security Mailboxes. We offer large capacity and heavy duty security mailboxes for handling large volumes of mail for home or business. We have the paragon of security mailboxes, the Letter Locker, in several sizes with upgraded lock options: Standard, Super, Supreme, now offered with the unique lock mechanism upgrade called the claw 

Collection Boxes

Drop Boxes  from Steel Mailbox Company

For the ultimate in mail security, check out the Letter Locker Commercial Boxes. For secure residential package delivery we offer the dVault curbside and wall-mounted delivery vaults. dVault now offers the Post Mount Curbside Delivery Mailbox, which securely accepts both small packages and US Mail in the same mail receptacle.  

High Mail Security

Drop Boxes from Steel Mailbox Company


Mail security is built from high priced metals - see high quality Fort Knox mailboxes, Letter Lockers, d'Vaults. The Qualarc Manchester Column Mount Mailbox is another mailbox designed to be installed into a masonry pilaster, which can be a column or wall built from block, brick, or rocks.