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From time to time, we receive feedback from customers that is worth sharing. Here are some examples:

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “ Please extend my heart-felt thanks to the good folks of the Steel Mail Box Company. My mailbox arrived last week and I installed it yesterday. I have included a picture of it as an attachment and it AIN’T going anywhere soon. Although I sincerely trust that folks will stop running over it, backing into it or vandalizing it; nonetheless, should they do so, I assume theirs will be an unforgettable experience especially when they get the bill. ...Hands down The Steel Mailbox Company reaffirms the fact that there are honest, hard working Americans who in fact do manufacture excellent products where flawless craftsmanship and superb quality are the norm and not the exception. It is an absolute pleasure to do business with The Steel Mailbox Company and I thank you all for the privilege of being a thoroughly satisfied customer. Rest assured, I will tell everyone I know about my Fort Knox Mailbox and the wonderful people who made it.”

Robert F. -- North Carolina

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I have received my mailbox and the numbers.  Everything is EXCELLENT!!!  We couldn't be more pleased!!  When people ask us where we got our mailbox we'll give them your name!  Thank you so much for your wonderful, prompt service!!  It's been a real pleasure.”

Nicki R. -- Wyoming

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “We have received our steel mail box and are very well pleased with the product. Installation was completed today and this should do very nicely for a night time drop box for vehicle keys and manifest. Please pass on to those concerned that the quality of the product is outstanding. Thanks again.”

 Rick C. -- North Carolina


Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Just thought I would give you good news, the new mailbox arrived in one week, is installed, and looks great. It offers a wonderful amount of security for a nominal cost and has survived it's first attack without a chip in the paint, though that Blazers rear window will never be the same. Thanks for the great service!”

M.R.B. -- Washington

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon .[ Hurricane Proof??]  We (Indian River County) got hit pretty good this time (120 mph winds, gusts to around 130 mph and the highest cost of damage on the treasure coast at $2B – just from Jeanne) but at least most everyone should have power back by tomorrow evening. Like last time, I took my mailbox inside and my dad’s mailbox was okay after the storm – though they (Port St Lucie) didn’t get hit as hard this time ... however, you could say that his mailbox made it unscathed through 2 hurricanes in 3 weeks. I figured that a 42 pound mailbox on a fancy 4x4 mailbox post in a 105 mph hurricane with gusts to 120 mph would challenge the post, so I took the my mailbox inside. I was very surprised that my dad’s mailbox, even though the numbers that were nailed on the post were blown off and the tray was sucked out, didn’t even have a scratch on it. My dad’s home is 17’ above a large natural deep water canal with ocean access and in the center of the neighborhood is a very large open park. Many of the neighbors walk around the park every evening  His mailbox has been a conversation piece for months ... now it’s an icon. Several neighbors who had similar or worse damage to their homes like that of my dad’s house have stated that they wish their homes were built like my dad’s mailbox. I am very impressed with the Heavybilt mailbox which is why I purchased one for my dad. 
Greg C. -- Florida

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon“The box looks handsome and is an elegant addition to our road. Many thanks.”
Gary G. -- New York

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon“Thanks for the info-- I will pass your site on to my co workers as a very responsive, customer oriented site.”
Tgm -- Oregon 

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon“I received the mail box on Friday and installed it yesterday. It was definitely worth the wait. Absolutely the best quality mailbox and post my wife and I have seen. We are very happy with it...Great mailbox and post-it will last us for years--well worth the extra money. Thanks for your help--I'll always recommend you when others ask....I'm sincere when I say your selling a terrific product--none better--just go to a Home Depot and compare.”

Classic Rural Standard Mailbox with Ivory Dustine Solid AddressBest Wishes
Chuck, Joan and Andrew N. -- Maryland

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Hi... I just got a digital camera and am in the process of learning how to use it... hope this gets to you... We're really happy with our mailbox!”

Jan R. -- California

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon“I just received my mailbox today and it looks great. I hope those kids with the ball bat knock their molars loose when they smack this baby! There's a great market for these in this area.”

Larry B. -- Ohio

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you I'm very pleased with the box. My brother-in-law, who is a brickmason, installed it in a new brick column this past Saturday. He is truly an artist as he really embellished the brickwork around the box and up the column wife is very pleased, which is saying a lot (ha!). We had ceramic tiles embedded in the brick column on either side so the address could be read from either direction traffic was approaching. If I ever get a digital camera I'll forward an email attachment to you for your advertisements.
Thanks again,
Timothy J. -- Texas

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon“Received shipment in a couple of days after ordering. Am very pleased with the speed of arrival and quality of your product. You will get other orders as I am a letter carrier and am recommending your product to friends and customers.”

Thank you,

Scott S. -- Kentucky

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon  “Thanks again, while I’d rate your web order / payment process satisfactory, I’d rate your customer service and response to inquiries as excellent.”

Dale J. -- Canada


Vandal Proof Mailbox icon“Hi, we have put your mailbox to the test. We are a constant target for vandals. We were able to catch one set of them and they had to pay for damage. I got my money invested in the mailbox because of them back so we got a good deal there. They are beating the heck out of our box on a regular basis... It looks like they are using splitting mauls. The only thing we hope is they are getting zinged down to their toes...It should hang in there, but these are some determined vandals.”

Paul H. -- Pennsylvania

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! The mailbox and post arrived today (Thursday, June 22) Did not expect this. Its wonderful and thank you for your courteous and quick service. Nice to know that someone thinks about their customers. Will let anyone we know needing a mailbox to contact you. If you need an endorsement you always have one here. Your the Best!”

Larry and Julie S. -- Ohio

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon“YAB A DAB A DO! THE MAILBOX ARRIVED YESTERDAY! It's been fun. Thanks for all of you help. Do you own Artisanproducts? If not, please give your boss a copy of these E-mails and tell him you couldn't get better "customer service" anywhere in the world. You have been great!

Ellen De M. -- New Jersey

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “I just receive the new mailbox from your company. I am very impressed.... I just ordered Sunday and it arrived today. It is also very high quality... I just installed it and am very impressed at the quality and engineering... I will recommend your company to my associates and friends...Thanks for a good product and in a timely fashion.”

Larry M. -- Ohio


Philip D. -- California

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “I didn't consider this. How HEAVY this Heavybilt box really is! My poor UPS driver had to walk the massive weight of this box to my back door! I have to take the same weight back up to the road to install the beast! I am impressed! I may have to rent a crain to install the beast but it will never move from then on.  Further, I got 3 day delivery AFTER Halloween! My former mailbox was trashed on Halloween night.  Suggestion to anyone wanting to order the LARGE size: rent a crane!...Installed the box today and had the odd opportunity to stress test the beast.  I put the box in the back of my Jeep and drove up my driveway (very steep) not knowing that the hatchback was not shut. Needless to say the hatch opened and the Heavybilt box came tumbling out, down the driveway. Not a scratch, ding or dent! I am impressed! Good products are far and few between these days. You should be proud of the quality of your products! I suppose the downside to this for your company is that there isn't many repeat customers. Once you own one you never need another!”

Bruce -- West Virginia

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Thanks for your quick reply. Actually, after I e-mailed you my husband and I decided that a black one would make a nice change since we have black wrought-iron gates. So I am ordering a black Large Heavybilt Country Estate Mailbox. I ordered one for my mom last spring and hers survived the vandals whereas ours looks like...”

Annette H. -- Illinois

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “The new box arrived, I am thrilled. It locks, it's even green. Thank you. The post office supervisor is coming to our neighborhood to discuss all the mail theft and has asked me to bring this box and your contact info to that meeting. The PO is unwilling to install their own lock boxes, so this seems the viable alternative. One neighbor says she's already ordered the smaller locking box from you. Will you consider orders for the large locking one like you sent me? If so, when? I suspect there will be interest.

All the best,

 Paul H. -- California

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Thank you for coming back to us with all the details... We are putting in our order separately and want to thank you again for your great customer service.”

Don and Perry B. -- NSW, Australia

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “I thought you would like to know that I received everything and installed the mailbox and post per your suggestions a week ago. The quality of your products are superior and I've received several compliments from those who have seen it. The reflective addressing and installation was also well worth the extra expense.  Thanks again for your help and I look forward to recommending your company to others in the future.”

Scott W. -- Illinois

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I received the mailbox. It is awesome! I really appreciate the effort you made with working on the address. I couldn't be happier. Now I just need to get it outside. That thing weighs a ton. Can't wait to hear the baseball bat hit it. Hee Hee :) “

Sylvia K. -- Colorado

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “A couple of years back, I got really steamed when I had to replace my big rural mailbox three times in a single month. So I ordered one of the big mailboxes from this site , and mounted it on a support arm I built out of 4x6's and set in concrete.

“Things went on just great for a couple of years, with the worst damage to the box being a couple of blemishes on the finish, and my having to replace the bolts serving as stops for the flag a couple of times when they got bent. Then last Thursday night the Big One hit. Literally.

“A county ambulance was making an emergency run down our road at about 55 or 60 mph, and the driver somehow got off the pavement on the right, clipping the front of our mailbox. The ambulance lost both sets of rear-view mirrors on the right side, and then the the box-body of the ambulance hit the mailbox. At some point not too long thereafter, the horizontal 4x6 the mailbox was bolted to sheared off, and the box landed about 10 yards down the road from its base. Our home is about 1/4 mile from the mailbox, and we heard the impact as we were sitting in the living room.

“I went down to the road and looked at the damage, then picked up the mailbox and brought it back to the house. It was severely dented at the door end, to the point where the door wouldn't close properly. But after bashing on the box for about 30 minutes with a 16-ounce ball peen hammer, I was able to get it to work well enough to stick it back up on its post again Friday morning. We didn't miss a single mail delivery. And Friday afternoon I got a call from the director of the ambulance service admitting that his driver was at fault, and that they wanted to replace my maibox. He also admitted that the mailbox did $8,000 to $10,000 worth of damage to the ambulance, and that the ambulance is going to have to go back to the factory to have the box-body repaired. Fortunately for my pocketbook, the Sheriff's deputy who did the accident report indicated that the ambulance had to have had its right tires entirely off the paved surface of the road in order to have hit the mailbox in the first place, so the responsibility for the accident lies entirely with the ambulance driver, and my mailbox was simply an innocent victim.

“This whole incident says a whole lot for the durability of these mailboxes. I'm going to try to send the company some pictures one of these days.”

Gregg K. -- Tennessee
{As posted on the
Share Your Grisly Tales of Mailbox Bashing message board}

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “You know I just didn't believe an email company order guy would go to the trouble you went to.  You are a rare exception.”

Jeff J.

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “ is truly refreshing to deal with someone who cares about doing things right!!!! You are a breath of fresh air!!!!!!”

Karen S. -- Minnesota

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “ the box put it up. It works can't ask for more and if these people don't put one up and their mail gets raided again s**** 'em I don't want to hear it.  Yes I did take it out and shot it with a 22lr.”

Bullet proof mailbox Bob in Auburn -- Washington

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon  “Thank youso much! Everything came today! The box is huge! I love it!! My wife thinks I am nuts but we get so many UPS parcels and now they wont get wet!”

Eric S. -- Pennsylvania

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Package just arrived. Thank you for your quick reply. The box is truly heavybuilt as advertised. Very Pleased”

George M.. -- Massachussetts

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “You probably remember our order for the same mailbox last Nov 20th. At that time you contacted us about the length of time to get it to Juneau. No problem! It arrived in about 16 or 17 days--or maybe less. I ordered the first box for Brian and Annie, and had it sent to Juneau because we all would be there for Christmas. But when his sister found out about the box, she wanted one too. So we are setting it up so that Annie/Brian open the box that's up there, but bring home only a picture and a note that theirs will arrive at their house after Christmas. Will they ever be happy that they don't have to pack it back down to the Seattle airport! We bought the same box for ourselves a couple of years ago, and it has been a godsend. My husband made a pull-out shelf for ours, and will make two more for the new boxes. I am so pleased about working with your company. Prompt (do you work 'round the clock?), and reliable. And while we're up in the snow in 10 to 20 degree weather where it gets dark at 3 p.m., we'll think of you in Hawaii. I hope you have a wonderful time there and a most happy Christmas.”

MC -- Washington

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “I received the new lock today and I want to personally THANK YOU!! I've installed it and it works perfectly. The bad news was they broke the cast in the lock (must have been tremendous leverage to do so ... the GOOD NEWS is that the mailbox powdered coat finish was only chipped .. looks like the lock could have been faulty but your box is AWESOME! Thanks again for caring about your customers .”

Duane G. -- California

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “thanks so much for your prompt and helpful response. You're quite right; no mailbox is absolutely secure...but the information you sent helped me make my decision to go ahead and purchase. I think it's the combination of the good products you carry, your thoughtful and informative response, and simply the fact that you take prospective customers seriously enough to give us what we need to make an informed decision that influenced me to choose a purchase from your company rather than one of your competitors.”

Warm regards,

KW -- Montana

“Many thanks -- and again, let me thank you for the wonderful service I received when trying to decide what mailbox to order. Not only did you reply to all of my questions promptly, but the mailbox itself was shipped promptly, was exactly as advertised, and I'm delighted with it.”

Best regards,

KW -- Montana

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “I wanted to say Thank You for all of your help on this purchase. I am very impressed with the service that you offer and the professionalism of your approach. You can be assured that I will pass this information on to my colleagues and friends. You have made my day with your wonderful customer service. Thank you again for all of your help.”


GW -- California

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Now comes the hard part getting my husband to mount it and put it up. Wish me luck. Thanks again and it looks great. Your customer service is awesome will recommend you to friends.”

LF -- California

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “I received the mailbox and mounted it on the existing wooden platform. It is beautiful. Thank you for good service and a solid product.”

ST -- Washington

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon  “Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I am glad you are online. I have had a very serious problem with mail theft lately and its been nearly impossible to find anything to replace our current mailbox. So I went to and found you on the first page of the search results page. I can't wait to get my new mail box, the Oasis, get it installed and then rest easy that I can receive my mail and small packages without worry about someone stealing them.

“One thing I did want to tell you is that I looked around on the web at some other sites that had the same product for less money. I chose yours because (1) you had a very professional site, (2) you listed a very informative and personable page on your business and (3) you are listed in the BBB and had BBB graphic on your site. That meant a lot to me, since I work for a dot com.”

BL -- Georgia

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “After having my mail stolen from the unsecure, ramshackle mailbox I used to own, I was on pins and needles every day thinking about the consequences of what could happen. The peace of mind I achieved in having a more secure setting for the delivery of my mail more than offset the very reasonable $166 price for the mailbox. Well-done, Steelmailbox!”

Dan W. -- Minnesota

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Thank you so much for your assistance with my mailbox... my new mailbox is apparently the talk of the neighborhood, and I have been VERY vocal in recommending and your incredible level of customer service. Not only did I get a great product, I experienced customer service at a level that is sadly seldom seen anymore. One further note: We don't plan on staying in this house forever, and I followed the directions for cementing this mailbox in place. As a result, I will be a repeat customer.”

Dan S. -- Oregon

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “My mailbox arrived last night. It's a beautiful thing, and it will go perfectly with my wrought iron fence. Thanks again for all your help!”

PV -- Illinois

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “I'm a law enforcement officer, and I'm going to recommend this mailbox to anyone who I think has need of it, and of course recommend they buy it through you, since you have such excellent customer service. As an aside, I wouldn't have bought it via the Internet from a company that didn't take the American Express card.... You have a first-rate company, first-rate products, and you take a first-rate charge card.... Again, I'm very impressed with your company and the product you sold me, and I intend to throw any business I can your way. I was a business administration major in college, and this is the way you run a business, keep your customers, and grow the business. And now that I have experience with you, I wouldn't hesitate to use another method of payment.”

Doug C. -- California

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “We received our Victorian mailbox! Just got it installed.It looks lovely with our 1905 home! All the neighbors want one now! I gave them your web site! We are happy customers! Thank You so much!”

Bonnie and Bob G. -- Texas

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “GOOD GRIEF!!!! Now THAT is a mailbox. UPS wheeled it up on a hand truck for crying out loud! If we ever have a drive-by shooting, I know where I am going to hide......”

Lynn B. -- Washington
 Vandal Proof Mailbox icon 

 “I can't tell you how much we appreciate the personal attention that you provide to your customers, Richard. By informing us as you have, you have greatly relieved our concern over the event and have allowed us to move on to other things, knowing that you are in there ‘taking care of business’.”

Clay F. -- Texas

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Hi. We bought a size large Heavybilt from you back in May and I wanted to tell you what happened to it. On 7/26 an S10 Chevrolet truck with a bumper pull trailer holding a riding mower swerved off the road, ran over our mailbox which was situated on a 4 x 4 treated wood post, and continued with the box and part of the wood post into a creek, head first. The man was OK and the box was lying in the creek unharmed, except for a few scratches. Now it's back on a new post where it should be. We really do like that mailbox. Thank you.”

Michelle B / Paul B -- Virginia

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Hi, Richard, My mailbox looks great, and it did not sway with hurricane Charlie, even though we have no shingles, the loquat tree is gone, and the pool structure is caved in.. My son-in-law installed it, and, truth be told, the previous mailbox would have been a serious projectile. Happy happy”

M -- Florida

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “To whom it may concern: I recently lost my mail box to another senseless act of vandalism and did not want to experience that again. I searched the web for mailboxes, especially after seeing the cheaply made mailboxes at Home Depot. I found your site and was pleased with the information about your products. I purchased the above-referenced iron box and installed it. It sits proudly in front of my house and it is as advertised — one tough mailbox. Thank you for your craftsmanship, care and customer service.”

Robert K. -- California

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Just want to follow up and let you know how great and worth every penny your steel mailbox is. You have single handedly solved my mail problems (i.e. bashing, and theft) and we thank you for making such a great product.”

D L -- Florida

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “ Hello, I ordered a beautiful mailbox from GDM [Heavybilt] for my son's school and wanted to share the finished product with you. It's just so beautiful! Thanks for building such a great product and making the American Mommy proud of our USA standards. My son's non-profit school for children with learning disabilities is very happy with the mailbox. Thanks again, “

AH -- Pennsylvania

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon  “Hello Steel Mailbox Co, We recently purchased the Heavybilt Lexington Self-Locking Mailbox.  This mailbox has given us peace of mind in regards to identity theft and also some evening entertainment. Last June 2005 we had just pulled into our driveway at about 10:30pm.  We no sooner stepped out of our car when we heard loud bangs coming in our direction from down our dirt road.  We walked to the end of our driveway in time to witness a carload of 3 young men slow up to our mailbox and bash it with a baseball, right in front of us.  We heard a very loud pop and a ringing sound as they sped away.  Their broken baseball bat layed in pieces below our new Heavy Built Lexington.  What a sight!  They didn't even put a single scratch on our new mailbox.

“Since our car doors were still open and keys in the ignition we tore out of our driveway after the vandals.  We reached speeds up to 100km/hr on the back roads and were able to get a thorough description of the 4-door burgundy Chrysler car and it's license plate number "%*#@$%*".  Although we had the last laugh with our new  vandal-proof mailbox it was frustrating that the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) didn't even use the information we had given them or come over to check out the broken baseball bat or smashed mailboxes of our five neighbors . They just blew us off.  The mailbox vandals hit our road 3 more times last summer to no avail.  Thanks for making a superior product that does the job and for taking homeowner's concern seriously.”

AR -- Ontario, Canada

Vandal Proof Mailbox icon “Dear Sirs, I purchased a mailbox from you September 2005.  I had e-mailed you first for your recommendation because my rural mailbox gets vandalized about once a year and I bought a heavy built type that was recommended.  Last night my mailbox was vandalized.  Someone hit it so hard they knocked it off the wooden post and cracked the post.  The mailbox was sitting in the ditch and did not have a dent or scratch on it.  The green paint was perfect.  I thought I would write and thank you for a great mailbox.  Its now back up and looks new.”


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