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Street Addresses for Heavybilt Mailboxes


We offer some of the best custom addressing on Heavybilt mailboxes. You can have almost any font or typeface that is not too fine to work with.  Just let us know which typeface you would like and we will do our best to make it work. You can have both street address numbers and your street name, or just the numbers; or you can use your name, name with street number, etc. Check the Typeface Examples page for pre-selected ideas.

We use state-of-the-art digital technology with commercial grade Avery and 3M High Performance Vinyl material, the same used for signs and graphics on vehicles as well as roadside highway signs. It is a very durable material, guaranteed for 5 years by the manufacturer; however most people will find it lasts much longer than that. Cost for a set of TWO High Performance Non-reflective Vinyl installed addresses is $40.00. We also offer a reflective version which makes it easier to see at night. A set of 2 Reflective High Performance vinyl addresses costs $60.00 installed. Reflective materials are also available in a variety of colors.

Hand_Icon_Right02We install these addresses ONLY on Heavybilt Mailboxes.  We are no longer offering these addresses for installation on your existing mailbox. 

    Order your address set here. Details will be shown in the “Addresses/Instructions/Comments” text box on the checkout form...

    Pick a color and typeface below.  Please note the following:

  • Required fields are in Bold Type. 
  • “Street Number” refers to street number only. 
  • "Street Address" means both street number and street name. 
  • Selecting “1” address provides an address on two sides of your mailbox.
  • For Street Number over Street Name placement, the street number will be set off to the right of the mail service flag on the flag side of the mailbox.
  • For Exact Center placement, the street number will be set off to the right of the mail service flag on the flag side of the mailbox. Exact Center is recommended for Street Numbers Only.
  • Due to price increases for shipping and materials, we must increase our costs for this custom addressing for the first time in over ten years. We’re sorry, but it’s unavoidable.

Select Relective or Non-Reflective Address:
Street Address or Number:
Color: Non-Reflective   or  Reflective 
Size:     Typeface: 
ALL CAPS, or Upper/Lower?
Quantity (set of 2 for side addresses):


    Click Here for Custom Address Signs and Plaques...

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