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This large locking curbside mailbox is among the very first to be approved by the United States Postmaster General for curbside delivery (USPS Std 7B). Its unique hopper style incoming door can accept small to medium sized parcels. It is finished in a durable powder coat available in pearl gray, sand, white, black, and new color, metallic bronze. Also available in a Drop Box format...

Technical Specifications:

  • Body: 16 gauge (1.5 mm) steel sheet
  • Doors: 14 gauge (2.0 mm) steel sheet
  • Assembly Hardware: Stainless steel rivets and hinges. Zinc plated assembly screws.
  • Lock: Zinc plated cam lock with zinc die cast cylinder
  • Large incoming hopper style door design to allow delivery of small to medium sized parcels
  • P-Type rubber door seals prevent rain and dust from entering the mail storage compartment
  • Finished in a durable powder coat in pearl gray, sand, black and white
  • Assembled almost exclusively by spot welding and welded lap joints to eliminate unsightly rivets on the outside surface
  • Includes all hardware and instructions


  • Customer applied Street address numbers on front access door (takes 5-7 business days for delivery, after customer receive mailbox)
  • Street numbers and name on side of mailbox (all one line, 16 characters maximum)
  • In-ground or Surface Mount Post
  • Spreader plates for mounting multiple mailboxes on one post
  • Newspaper Receptacle
  • Post adaptor for mounting on 4 x 4 post

Perfect for Prescriptions by Mail

Many insurance companies give substantial discounts for prescriptions bought by mail... discounts that will pay for an Oasis Mailbox in a short time, and will save you money in the long run. The Oasis is the ideal mailbox for prescriptions bought by mail as the large incoming mail chute will accommodate most prescription packages; and the locking feature keeps your medicines safe from thieves.


Oasis Jr. Mailbox

The benefits of the hugely popular Oasis Mailbox, in a smaller version. Ideal for homeowners who want a hopper style door for larger than normal mail pieces and small packages, but who do not want the size of the original Oasis. The Oasis Jr. sports overall dimensions of 18 inches long, by 15 inches tall, by 11.5 inches wide. The manufacturer has responded to customers’ wishes with the design of this mailbox. The Oasis Jr. is a perfect compromise between functionality and modest size. Order below.

Oasis Jr. Mailbox in Bronze

View Oasis Mailbox Here

Order Oasis and Oasis Jr. Mailbox

  • Please Note: Shipping rates generated by the online order form are not intended for Bulk Orders [five mailboxes or more]. Shipping costs fluctuate rapidly due to rising oil costs, therefore all large Oasis and Oasis, Jr. Mailboxes must have a shipping cost quote for the order. Please contact us for discount information for five or more Oasis or Oasis, Jr. Mailboxes..
Oasis Locking Mailbox    $193.50
Oasis Jr. Locking Mailbox    $127.50
Oasis Post (color matches mailbox) $78.75
6215 Side Mount In-ground Post for Oasis Jr. Mailbox only (color matches mailbox) $168.75
SINGLE SIDE MOUNT: 5512 Single side mount bracket for adding second Oasis Jr. Mailbox on 6215 Decorative Post

7530 4 x 4 Post Adaptor for Oasis Jr. Mailbox, Black
5530 4 x 4 Post Adaptor for Oasis Mailbox, Black
Duo Spreader - holds two Oasis' on one post $54.75
Tri Spreader - holds three Oasis' on one post $69.00
Quad Spreader - holds four Oasis' on one post $91.50
Key Blank for making Duplicate Keys from originals $1.00

Customers want to know...

“What size package will fit in the Oasis and Oasis, Jr.?”

    Oasis (5100) and Oasis Drop Box {5103}:

    * 9 1/2" width x 12 1/2" length x 4" thick
    * 10 " width x 12" length x 3" thick
    * 8 1/2" width x 10 1/2" length x 3 1/2" thick
    * 10 1/2" width x 15" length x 4 1/2" thick
    * 12" width x 15" length x 3" thick

    Oasis Jr. (6200):

    * 9 1/2" width x 12 1/2" length x 2" thick
    * 10" width x 13" length x 2 1/2" thick
    * 10" width x 15" length x 2 1/2" thick


Oasis Drop Box

Oasis Drop Box

The Oasis is also available as a drop box for accepting everything from bill payments to videotapes. The main difference between the Oasis Drop Box and the Oasis Mailbox is that the Drop Box has no mailbox flag, and there is no “Approved for US Mail” embossed on the door. Order pedestal separately. Can be mounted on spreaders and uses the same pedestal as the Oasis Mailbox. To add lettering to front of Drop Box and one side select “Drop Box Lettering” and enter desired inscription in the “Lettering info” text box. Front lettering measures 3 inches; side lettering measures 1 1/2 inches.


Order Oasis Drop Box

  • Please Note: For quantity orders of more than 9 drop boxes, please contact us for Free Shipping Voucher code to enter into the order form.

Oasis Drop Box    $193.50
Oasis Post (color matches drop box) $78.75
5530 4 x 4 Post Adaptor, Black
Key Blank for making Duplicate Keys from originals $1.00

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