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Enclosing a mailbox in stucco, brick, or stone masonry is an attractive alternative to a roadside or wall-mounted mailbox. We offer several options, beginning with the Masonry Mailboxes which are designed specifically for such an installation. Made of cast aluminum, the 4100 series recessed mounted Masonry Mailboxes are available in two models. Each model features a durable powder coated finish available in four contemporary colors. Each model is also available in two attractive door designs.
(Note: Horn design shown in picture is no longer available)

MODEL #4140 - WITHOUT SLOTS includes an 8-1/2'' W x 8-1/2'' H front door with a non-locking pull knob. The rough opening dimensions for model #4140 are 10-3/4” W x 10-1/2” H x 15-1/4” D.  Price $100 plus shipping. GO HERE to order Model 4140.

MODEL #4145 - WITH SLOTS has the word “MAIL” cast into a 10'' W x 2-1/2'' H solid brass mail flap and is accessed from the front. Model #4145 includes an 8-1/2'' W x 6-1/2'' H door and a lock with two (2) keys. The rough opening dimensions for model #4145 are 10-3/4” W x 12-1/2” H x 15-1/4” D.  Price $125 plus shipping. GO HERE to order Model 4145.

Model #4440 - Made of solid brass, Salsbury recessed mounted antique brass column mailboxes are handcrafted to provide a custom look. Antique brass column mailboxes include a 9-1/2'' W x 9-1/2'' H door that is accessed from the front and are designed to be recessed mounted in columns, masonry or walls. Antique brass column mailboxes may be used for U.S.P.S. residential door mail delivery. Price $100 plus shipping. GO HERE to order Model 4440


Other Mailboxes for Masonry Installation

dVault Delivery Vault systems for small to medium sized packages are without doubt the highest quality product in its class. Great care and attention went into the engineering of all dVault models, many of which are ideally suited for masonry installations. The dVault model DVCS0015 also incorporates a locking letter box for US Mail delivery. The dVaults can be used for delivery by any package delivery service. GO HERE to learn more about all dVault models and ordering information.


The Manchester Column Mount Mailbox comes in two versions: one is a standard masonry mailbox with masonry insert which can be installed with an optional Newspaper Holder; and the other has a Security Chute which installs inside the masonry wall, column, or pilaster, with a locking access door on the rear. The steel structure is built by Qualarc for highest quality. Go Here to learn more about the Manchester Column Mount Mailbox. Qualarc now offers a prefab stucco column to make your Manchester installation easy and affordable.

Manchester Mailbox in Column

The Roadside Security Mailbox is ideally suited for masonry installation with its aluminum construction, and front and rear access doors. GO HERE to learn more about Roadside Security Mailboxes.

Standard and Large Mail Chests are also excellent aluminum construction locking mailboxes suitable for masonry installation. GO HERE to learn more about Mail Chests.

Standard and Supreme Letter Lockers are steel locking mailboxes suitable for masonry installation. Letter Lockers offer several options including the Maximum Lock upgrade, and heavy gauge steel construction. GO HERE to learn more about Letter Lockers.

The Oasis and Oasis Jr. Mailboxes can be installed in masonry installations. GO HERE to learn more about the popular Oasis and Oasis, Jr. Mailboxes.

Oasis Mailbox in masonry installation



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