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Snowplow Friendly Mailbox Post Mount

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Yankee Ingenuity Solves a Common Winter-time Problem

Do snowplows wreak havoc on your mailbox? If you live in a Northern Climate, then you will appreciate this epitome of Yankee Ingenuity. In those latitudes snowplows account for as many damaged mailboxes and posts as vandals, if not more.

You need to do two things to keep your mailbox and post safe from snowplows:

  1. Install a sturdy well-built mailbox like our Heavybilt or Iron Box. 
  2. Install a snowplow friendly mailbox post mount, i.e. the MailSwing
PlowMaster Snowplow safe mailbox post mount

We know of no other post mount that works so well to prevent destruction from snowplows. There is a good reason for this, and that is because there is no other snowplow friendly mailbox post mount. This invention is the only game in town. The MailSwing post/mount device was conceived, produced and sold in Maine for thirty years with excellent results. If it can withstand the rigors of Maine snowplows for that long, then it will survive anywhere.

   Made in the USA

You can now buy a MailSwing with or without a galvanized steel post and cap. Newspaper Holder Bracket also available. Spreaders not to be used with heavy gauge mailboxes (Heavybilt, Veeders), and spreader mailboxes must be between 6.25 and 8 inches wide. Make your selections below, specify mailbox to be mounted:

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