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Frequently Asked Questions

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 1. What makes the arm assembly return to it's original postion after the snow plow hits it?

      The assembly’s own weight forces it in a 360 degree arc, back down to the center position. A great advantage this assembly has over other similar devices is that you don't have to go out and reset it everytime the snow-plow "takes a swipe at it".

      2. What prevents the mailbox from getting smashed when the plow strikes it at high speeds?

      If a snow plow is moving at high rate of speed, it is actually the snow flying off the plow wing that strikes the mailbox and assembly. This force is what causes the mailbox/arm assembly to swing out of the way before the plow blade hits it. It is possible for hard packed snow or chunks of flying ice to hit and damage a mailbox no matter what it's mounted on. When we invented this device about 30 years ago, we installed an impact plate on the side of the mailbox to help prevent this.     

 3. Is the arm assembly difficult to install?

      No. All that is required is a few common hand tools to mount it to an existing post. If you are installing a new post, (wood 4X4 or steel pipe), for best results, we recommend that you follow our post mounting tips which are included in the arm installation instructions PRIOR to installing your post.

PlowMaster in rotation

Roadside PlowMaster

     4. How durable is the arm assembly?

          The manufacturer has sold thousands of them particularly in northern New England over the last thirty years. The HEAVY DUTY all steel construction has ensured that the overwhelming majority, including our oldest units, are still in perfect working condition. This is the kind of item that you will likely only need to purchase once in your lifetime.

    5. What if my mail carrier wants me to change the height of the mailbox or move it closer to the road?

         This is another great feature of the arm assembly. If your mail carrier changes vehicles as the years go by, then adjusting the assembly is a snap. If your mounting the assembly on 2 1/2" pipe, it can easily be adjusted up and down by loosening the two clamps at the base. To move the assembly closer/farther from the roadside, simply loosen the adjustment clamp and adjust as required.

      6. How do I know if my mailbox will fit on this arm assembly?

          Most "Postal Approved" mailboxes come in three sizes. #1 which is the standard, (most common). #1 1/2 which is a little bigger and #2 which is the largest. This arm assembly comes complete with universal brackets and screws to fit virtually any size postal approved curbside mailbox.

      7. Can I use my existing post to mount this arm assembly?

         Most 'Postal Approved' mailboxes have mounting holes along the bottom of each side. The Plowmate comes equipped with adjustable mounting brackets designed to fit these regardless of mailbox size. Most designer or specialty mailboxes also mount in this fashion. If you are unsure about your particular mailbox, please email us and we will be happy to assist you. Heavybilt brand mailboxes do require a specialized bracket that we will supply free of charge. Just let us know and we will include it.

8. What if I want to add a newspaper box or mount multiple mailboxes on a single arm assembly so my neighbors can use it too?

      We have bracket assemblies available for mounting a newspaper box directly beside your mailbox. We also have brackets that will enable you to mount up to four standard #1 mailboxes or two #2 large mailboxes on one assembly. (Note: standard mailboxes only. Multiple mountings of Heavybilts and Iron Box mailboxes are not advised, or their equivalent, i.e., Veeders, Letter Locker Rural, Classic Rural, Steel City Extra Large, Sporty’s).

Tandem mount PlowMaster

You can now buy a MailSwing with or without a galvanized steel post and cap. Newspaper Holder Bracket also available. Spreaders not to be used with heavy gauge mailboxes (Heavybilt, Veeders), and spreader mailboxes must be between 6.25 and 8 inches wide. Make your selections below, specify mailbox to be mounted:

MailSwing Mailbox Mount, includes shipping 159.99
Steel Post with cap for MailSwing, includes shipping $80.00
Newspaper Holder Bracket $17.99
MailSwing Duo Spreader $25.00
 Mailbox type:

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