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How to Keep from Being a Victim of the Fastest Growing Crime in America

    Most people are worried about the Internet as a source of credit card fraud and other criminal threats. Yet these same people have credit cards, convenience checks, Social Security checks or SS # information, bank statements, and other very important mail coming to their roadside mailboxes.  Most mailboxes sit unlocked, unprotected, and vulnerable to mail theft.  This is the equivalent to having your mailman dump your most sensitive personal and financial information into a shoe box out by the street, for anyone to have access to. You might not even be aware if something were missing from your mail... until months later when you start getting credit card bills from Venezuela, Collection Agencies begin to call, or even an arrest warrant. All because some thief assumed your identity to make huge purchases, run up bills, and commit crimes. Mail theft is a rapidly growing problem, and is part of the epidemic of Identity Theft , the fastest growing crime in the United States.  Criminals can steal a person's entire identity, simply by having access to one or more pieces of your personal or financial information... especially your Social Security Number.  Doesn't it make sense to have your sensitive personal mail protected when it is delivered at the street? Identity theft is a frightening trend in white collar crime that can ruin a person's credit, and wreak havoc on one's entire life

Below are some informative links to Mail & Identity Theft resources

Articles in the Press and Web Links

U.S. Senate Testimony by Beth Givens, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Kentucky Post

Cincinnati Enquirer

Nothing's Safe on the Web

U.S. Government's Central Website for Identity Theft

Federal Trade Commission’s Home Page for ID Theft

Social Security Administration Resources on Identity Theft

Louisville Courier-Journal


Identity Restoration, Inc.

U.S. Postal Inspection Service

Identity Theft Resources

U. S. Department of Justice - Identity Theft and Fraud

Chris E. Goey, Crime Doctor, on Identity Theft

Bob Sherman's expose on Identity Theft

Should you get identity theft insurance?

The Truth About Internet Fraud

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